A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Episode IV

This is a dark time for the galaxy. It has been thirteen years since the Galactic Empire assumed control of the government following the end of the Clone Wars. Many humanitarian laws enacted by the GALACTIC REPUBLIC for the betterment of the galaxy have been overturned by the Emperor and his lackeys.

Machines of war now hold planets hostage, Imperial Storm Troopers patrol streets and force the will of the Emperor and his vile henchman, Darth Vader, on the once free people of the galaxy.

Small groups are forming that choose to oppose the Empire. While currently fractured, it is the hope of political idealists operating within the reformed Senate that a few HEROES will band these groups together and throw off the yoke of the Emperor. These groups are too small and lacking vital training to effectively deal a serious blow to the Empire now. But it is hoped that they will come together and gain a valuable education… an education in REBELLION.

Star Wars: The Price Of Liberty

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