House Vibrion

Family of previous Senator Gebnerret Vibrion located until four years ago on Ghorman in the capital city of Illistara for many generations. The House Vibrion members and those loyal to them now reside on Coruscant where the Senator has retired.

Extended Members of House Vibrion

Jaspereth Reighnosh
– Race: Human
– Weapon Master to House Vibrion

Bastvison Tverns
– Race: Epicanthix
– Head of Security to House Vibrion
– Father of Liam Tverns
– Husband of Elisabeta Tverns
Elisabeta Tverns
– Race: Human
– Wife of Bastvison Tverns
– Mother of Liam Tverns
Liam Tverns
– Race: Mix – Epicanthix & Human
– Son of Elisabeta and Bastvison Tverns
– Raised along side the Vibrion family on Illistara
– Childhood best friend to Katiana Vibrion

House Vibrion

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