Senator Gebnerret Vibrion

Previous Imperial Senator representing the planet Ghorman and Sern sector.


Senator Gebnerret Vibrion":
Race: Human
Age: 58
Distinguishing Characteristics: Male. Graying hair and carries himself with a “stately” air.
Immediate Family:
– Wife: Vivianne Organa Vibrion
– Eldest daughter: Anastasia Vibrion
– Middle daughter: Mia Vibrion
– Youngest daughter: Katiana Vibrion
___- Childhood best friend to Liam Tverns


Previous representative of the planet Ghorman and Sern sector in the Imperial Senate. Four years ago the Senator retired from his Senate position on Coruscant and moved his family and loyal retainers to House Vibrion there to be with him.

Senator Gebnerret Vibrion

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