Twi'lek bartender currently at the Clear Skies! tapcafe in Illistara on Ghorman.


Name Meaning: Gida = “female warrior” / tarkona = “stormy weather”
Race: Twi’lek
Distinguishing Characteristics: Female with rick red coloring and “tribal” style tattoos. A small, hard to make out design by an apparent burned brand above her left ankle that she keeps hidden as best she can by wide straps on her sandals that wrap around her legs.


“Gida” (name shortened by most for ease of pronunciation) is the newest member of Terk’s staff at Clear Skies! as a co-bartender with Celia. Where Celia does not mind walking about amongst the patrons, Gida seems to do everything she can to remain behind the bar until the place is completely cleared out; reason unknown. The only history known about her prior to working at the bar is where ever she came from she has described as “very cold and dark”. Any loud noises from a fight starting with a chair thrown down or even a glass being set down hard on the bar and Gida is reaching for the security blaster behind the counter. Friendly woman, but sometimes a bit twitchy.


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