Garm Bel Iblis

Influential Corellian Senator


An older human male, Garm is the Imperial Senator to the Corellian Sector. He is an outspoken critic against the policies of Emperor Palpatine. As such, his son Tysen was imprisoned on trumped up charges. Even with Garm’s extensive connections, he was unable to locate his son. After the raid on Moff Qentaro’s estate, information concerning his son was found by Ned Shagga and a mission was quickly formed to rescue him. The party infiltrated the prison while Ned Shagga rallied Garm and his resources to mount the escape. Garm has access to a fleet of two Victory-class Star Destroyers, six Dreadnaught cruisers and one CC-7700 interdictor. After the battle of Kessel, he now has access to a damaged Imperial Star Destroyer.

Working with Governor Reginald Karrde, Garm will provide a list of possible co-conspirators that could be useful in setting up a resistance movement.


Garm Bel Iblis

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