Duin Vimas

Known Doctor and Healer in the lower income areas in the city of Illistara on Ghorman


Race: Meris
Age: 63
Distinguishing Characteristics: Male. Dark deep ocean-blue skin, graying hair and walks with a limp favoring his right leg.


A field medic during the Clone Wars (allegiance unknown), he now serves as a local Doctor in Illistara, helping those of both savory and unsavory natures alike. Duin does not care to talk about his past in the war aside from letting out that his limp was due to an injury he received when assisting during that time. Any inquiries to his life before then are met with a shake of the head and conversation quickly moved on to more pleasant, current day things. Quiet and calm, Duin assist all who come to him for aid, even if pay may not be readily available.

Duin Vimas

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