Deak Windsailor

Crusty Corellian veteran of the Clone Wars, owner-operator of the "Millennium Falcon"



CHARACTER NAME Deak Windsailor


Blaster Pistol 3D+2
Dodge 4D
Gambling: Sabaac 5D
Con 5D
Command 5D
Alien Races
Planetary Systems 5D
Streetwise 5D
Tactics: Starfighter 6D
Space Transports 5D
Starfighter Piloting 5D+1
Starship Gunnery 6D
Astrogation 5D
Transport Repair 3D


Millennium Falcon
BlasTech DL-44
E-11 Stormtrooper Carbine
Modified Imperial Breastplate +1D+2
2,300 credits
13,500 credits in debt

Deak Windsailor was an idealistic young spacer in the waning days of the Old Republic. His parents, Thal and Jaina Windsailor were independent traders plying the Outer Rim with wares legal and quasi-legal. Deak worked aboard their freighter in a number of apprenticeship positions into his early twenties, when shipping became more and more hazardous on the Outer Rim due to the growing instability of the Republic’s less coreward systems. The Windsailors and a few other trader families formed The Womprat Express, a self-governed convoy of traders working together for mutual protection. The Express was a collection of armed merchant vessels with a number of Z-95 fighters purchased for protection. Deak gravitated toward fighter duty, and became one of the Womprat Express’ most respected escort pilots.

It was during his piloting days with The Womprat Express that Deak met Jenn Kynis, another Womprat Express pilot and daughter of freighter owners Ton and Niki Kynis. Within two years, Deak and Jenn were married- much to the dismay of their respective parents, as the two families often vied for the same cargoes and trade routes. The Windsailors purchased a bulk freighter, Rimward Dreams, with some of their earnings which became the centerpiece of the Womprat Express efforts along the Rimma trade run, with the other half of the coalition of traders following the Kynis family in setting up a run based around Tatooine and The Corellian Run. Deak and Jenn followed the Windsailors and Rimward Dreams, as did many of the Womprat Express’ more agressive escort pilots. The Kynis family found relatively solid and safe trading during the ensuing Clone Wars due to their trade run being Tatooine-coreward, never venturing further out than the desert world. The Windsailors found a lot more action against seperatist forces, pirates and more. When the Clone Wars proper broke out, Deak and Jenn Windsailor took The Womprat Express to war. Deak, Jenn and their escort pilot friends joined the Republic Navy and became Y-Wing pilots – even keeping their squadron name.

The Womprat Express distinguished themselves as excellent fighter-bomber pilots, and earned the respect of their clone warrior comrades. Jenn Windsailor gave birth to their daughter Allora just days before the Clone Wars were declared over by the new “Emperor” Palpatine. None of the Womprat Express fancied staying on as soldiers in this New Order, and with the official cessation of hostilities, the Womprat Express returned to merchant affairs.

Over the course of the next ten years, increased Imperial tarriffs and the additional burdens placed on shipping by ambitious Moffs and governors looking to take their own share of the spoils forced The Womprat Express organization to turn to smuggling, and this sideline proved to be quite lucrative until a sting operation launched by the local Moff shattered the Windsailor arm of the Womprat Express. Deak’s parents were killed “resisting arrest” by Stormtroopers, and Deak, Jenn and 14-yrear-old Allora were taken into custody. The Moff offered the captured members of the Express the opportunity to buy their freedom, paying – literally – for their crimes. The Windsailors spent months in the Moff’s prison complex before it was announced that Deak’s crimes had been paid for by an anonymous benefactor. Deak refused to leave without his wife and daughter, but was stunned and thrown out of the prison complex.

When Deak awoke, he found that his old Womprat Express comrade Turk Kurlow had paid for his emancipation, making good on a life debt he owed Deak from the Wars. Turk had enough credits to purchase one freedom – and chose Deak, that he might be able to earn enough to free Jenn and Allora. Turk introduced Deak to Chuska the Hutt as an excellent smuggler and operator, and Chuska agreed to supply Deak with a ship and assignments in exchange for a share of the profits. Deak ran for Chuska for four years, earning ownership of the Mon Calamari freighter Chuska had supplied. The freighter, Coral Ishii, is most often referred to by Deak as Squid Trawler and is often badmouthed for not being a proper Corellian vessel. Deak is currently 15,000 credits away from being able to free Jenn and Allora.

Name: Terk Kurlow
Race: Human (Corellian)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Overweight, balding but with a black braided ponytail. Cybernetic eye.
Brief History: Terk Kurlow was a smuggler in the service of The Womprat Express, the same enclave Deak shipped for before getting involved with the Rebellion. He now runs a tapcafe where Deak spends most of his downport time, located near the starport. Clear Skies! Is a spacer joint in the model of a modern “upscale” truck stop. There are real spacers to be found there, but the place is kept clean and respectable enough for tourists to come in wanting a taste of “real” spacer culture. The walls are decorated with garish signs and spaceship parts trying to reinforce the spacer mystique. Terk is happy to run his establishment and enjoy his retirement – he still dresses the part of a Corellian spacer, better to interact with the customers.

Name: “Ryebean” Gilley
Race: Human
Distinguishing Characteristics: Elderly, usually inebriated.
Brief History: “Ryebean” was the chief mechanic of The Womprat Express. Unlike Deak and Terk, he sat out the war turning wrenches for pay in Mos Eisley, making a decent living as a starship mechanic and eventually piecing together his own moderately functional ship, which he now lives in and occasionally uses to take charter parties out to the wastes, or into orbit. Since there aren’t many on planet who can afford recreational travel, and those that can aren’t interested in short hops on an old Kazellis freighter, “Ryebean” spends most of his time drinking at Clear Skies! And trying to drum up business.

Name: Gobo D’an
Race: Bith
Distinguishing Characteristics: Unusually dark green skin for a Bith, due to sunburn.
Brief History: Gobo trades on the reputation of Bith musicians and his surname, made famous by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes. Most humans are unaware that D’an is a very common name in Bith culture, like “Smith” or “Antilles”. Unfortunately for Gobo, his “one-man-band” mentality hasn’t gotten him the fame or notoriety he hoped for. He scrapes by with weeknight dates at less frequented spots in Mos Eisley. Offsetting this misfortune is Gobo’s connections to certain underworld figures that frequent just such establishments. He is often able to gather otherwise hard-to-find items by bartering with his occasional fans amongst the local criminal element.

Name: Jak’dun
Race: Shistavanen
Distinguishing Characteristics: Missing patch of hair on right arm.
Brief History: “Jack” is a Shistavanen scout working this area of space, he hears a lot on his travels and is willing to share that information for a few credits. He considers no one a friend, and does not take sides in any conflict that does not directly effect him- but this trait has made him something of a bush-league double-agent for low-level intelligence.

Name: Mann Munn
Race: Sullustan
Distinguishing Characteristics: Never without SoroSuub company livery on his person.
Brief History: Mann Munn is a ‘company man’ to the core. He is ostentatious about using SoroSuub products as often as possible, from his personal speeder to the parts he sells in his store. He runs a spotless storefront, the same cookie-cutter design seen on countless worlds as mandated by SoroSuub Corporate. Walk into one SoroSuub Spacecraft Component Supply and you’ve walked into all of them. What most people don’t know is that for the right price, Mann Munn has a selection of other components not in SoroSuub’s catalog.

Name: Virliss
Race: Verpine
Distinguishing Characteristics: Unusually dull carapace for a Verpine.
Brief History: Virliss is a freelance technician living near the starport who hires itself out for various jobs, usually charging a hefty commission due to the Verpine reputation. Its work is as good as the rep, and many people will spend the extra credits to have Virliss work on their vessels.

Name: Ton and Niki Kynis
Race: Human (Corellian)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Late middle-aged couple.
Brief History: Ton and Niki Kynis have never forgiven Deak for taking their daughter away and involving her in a life of warfare and eventually crime. They see themselves as above all that, and eventually took their arm of the Womprat Express “legit” and renamed it Kynis Interstellar Logistics. KIL is now a medium-sized shipping concern along the Corellian Run, and is quite friendly with the Imperial Government as they tend to bring “special” or “private” cargoes to Imperial officials without attracting attention. The Kynis family is hoping Deak comes to a bad end before he can free their daughter and granddaughter. Their idea is to pay their ransom themselves once Deak will no longer be a problem. To this end, they are willing to allow their daughter and granddaughter to live in an Imperial Detention Facility until they can make Deak’s demise look like the result of his nefarious lifestyle.

Name: Doosil the Blue
Race: Rodian
Distinguishing Characteristics: Electric blue skin, black Mohawk-like hairstyle.
Brief History: Doosil the Blue is a star pilot and part-time bounty hunter whose father, Grendil, served with Deak during the Clone Wars, and died over Coruscant piloting a Y-Wing. Doosil blames Deak for talking her father into joining the Republic forces, as their family had always hunted for pay- soldiering was a fool’s game. If not for the meddlesome human, her father would have happily recovered low-lifes for pay for many, many more years.

Name: Rondo Mazz
Race: Human
Distinguishing Characteristics: Hulking brute of a human, carries a force pike.
Brief History: Mazz is the chief enforcer and bodyguard for Mithric, who never liked Deak much and was chagrined not to be allowed to kill him in the Chuska purge. Mithric felt Deak could be much more valuable elsewhere. Mazz is one of those individuals who enjoys killing, often for no more reason than he doesn’t like someone. He is just looking for an excuse to kill Deak.

Deak Windsailor

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