Katiana Vibrion (alias: Celia Askara)

Fighter working for the Rebellion.



Species Human
Age 20
Gender F
Height 5’9
Weight 125
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark red
Move 10
Force Sensitive YES
Force Points 3
Character Points 23


Blaster 5D
Brawling Parry 4D+1
Dodge 5D
Melee Combat 5D
Melee Combat: Vibroblade 5D
Melee Parry 5D
Stamina 3D+1
Con 4D+2
Con: Disguise 6D
Forgery 5D
Hide 4D+1
Investigation 4D+2
Persuasion 4D+1
Search 4D+1
Sneak 5
Alien Species 3D+2
Bartending 3D+1
Bureaucracy 4D+2
Bureaucracy: Empire 5D+1
Cultures 3D+2
Languages 3D+2
Planetary Systems 3D+1
Streetwise 3D+2
Willpower 5D
Communications 2D+1
Capital Ship Gunner 3D
Capital Ship Piloting 2D+1
Capital Ship Shields 2D+1
Starfighter Gunner 3D
Starfighter Pilot 3D
First Aid 2D+1
Security 2D+1


Recording Rod x5
Sleeping Bag
Clothes x3
Dehydrated Food Pack x21
Colored Contacts: Brown
Plate Jacket: +2 Blaster and 1D Physical
Blaster Pistol: 4D+2
Kept hidden: House Vibrion Signet Ring

Celia Askara is currently a Bartender at a tapcafe called Clear Skies! in the city of Illistara on the planet Ghorman. She began as a waitress there four years ago at the age of 16 and is now currently 20. Her history prior to her arriving at the Cantina in Illistara is unknown. Celia takes residence at the Cantina during the hours it’s closed and by living there, provides an extra layer of security as well. Rent is automatically taken out of her pay by her boss and owner of the Clear Skies!, Terk Kurlow. Any remaining pay is then given to her to survive on for food and any other necessities.

With a quiet and calm demeanor, Celia is polite to those patrons who attempt to speak to her beyond just placing orders at the bar, but strives to always stay as common and lowly as possible so as not to be noticed by anyone, if it can be helped; a skill she picked up from Badger’s teachings. Sometimes she finds it tough to remain under the radar with her naturally attractive looks and dark red hair that catches both human, and some non-human, patrons eyes from time to time despite her best efforts to seem incredibly plain.

Though a bartender as her primary role in the Cantina, she also receives extra pay on occasion for any information she manages to glean from patrons around the bar and delivers to Badger (or anyone else who might pay her under the table for such work while Terk and Badger aren’t looking). She can be handy with a blaster if needed, though thankfully only had to show it a few times, mostly to stop fights. Once she even saved a patron from a would-be assassin a couple years ago with her vibroblade; Savisht Ag’Tra.

Her reasons for coming to Illistara and working at Clear Skies! along with whatever her machinations for the future might be are a mystery as she plays things close to the chest.


Name: Brinol Farstriker
Race: Human
Distinguishing Characteristics: Male. Age 22. Scruffy look with long, dark brown should length hair normally tied back with leather.
Brief History: A Mercenary for hire that frequents Clear Skies! Cantina as jobs allow. He began frequenting the Cantina around the time that Celia first started working there as a waitress. When time allows, on occasion he and Celia have been seen quietly conversing and sometimes sharing smiles. They do not appear to have any relationship with one another, but a keen eye would likely be able to tell they’re close.

Name: Duin Vimas
Race: Meris
Distinguishing Characteristics: Male. Age 63. Dark deep ocean-blue skin, graying hair and walks with a limp favoring his right leg.
Brief History: A field medic during the Clone Wars (allegiance unknown), he now serves as a local Doctor in the shadier parts of Illistara, helping those of both savory and unsavory natures alike. Duin does not care to talk about his past in the war aside from letting out that his limp was due to an injury he received when assisting during that time. Any inquiries to his life before then are met with a shake of the head and conversation quickly moved on to more pleasant, current day things. Quiet and calm, Duin assist all who come to him for aid, even if pay may not be readily available. Celia has on occasion needed the services of Duin such as treatment for a grazed blaster bolt meant to assassinate a Coynite named Savisht Ag’Tra.

Name: Terk Kurlow
Race: Human (Corellian)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Overweight, balding but with a black braided ponytail. Cybernetic eye. Appears to be an old acquaintance of Deak Windsailor
Brief History: Celia’s boss and current owner of the Clear Skies! tapcafe in Illistara. Celia met him through going door to door begging for a job four years ago and he was the “kind” soul that took pitty on her; that and a the time business was strong enough to where he could use an extra hand. They have an agreement that he will keep a portion (nearly all) of her wages in exchange for allowing her to make the Cantina itself her home as well as provide extra security during the non-business hours while she’s there. Terk has never asked her about her history and Celia’s never cared to share. Same with Terk and his history though the way he talks to a lot of the pilots, mercs and smugglers that come in, Celia’s fairly certain the “spacer” looks is a facade.

Name: Badger
Race: Human
Distinguishing Characteristics: Male. Age guessed around 35. About 5’ tall, bit greasy around the edges and speaks Galactic Basic Standard (among a few others) with a heavy accent, though the accent has yet to be placed and Badger refuses to give up the information no matter the price.
Brief History: “Shady” isn’t a strong enough word to describe Badger’s tactics at conning, bribing and outright manipulating to get the information or goods he wants when he’s not playing the role of the upstanding member of society as an Import/Export Manager at the local star port. Badger taught Celia all she knows about the more “Streetwise” skills in life for surviving and maintaining a living when the Cantina money just isn’t enough; and it never is. Badger uses Celia to gather information during the Clear Skies! open business hours and then proceeds to sell that information to the highest bidders; anonymously, of course. Celia and Badger met at the tapcafe while she was begging Terk for work and Badger saw an “opportunity”. He man not be the most upstanding man, but he does ensure his employees don’t go entirely hungry and that they stay as safe as he can make them, given they’re his source of copious amounts of information from the unwitting patrons at Clear Skies!.

Name: Gida’tarkona (“female warrior” “stormy weather”) (shortened to “Gida” for ease of pronunciation)
Race: Twi’lek
Distinguishing Characteristics: Female. Age UNKNOWN. Brick red coloring with “tribal” style tattoos. A small, hard to make out design by an apparent burned brand above her left ankle that she keeps hidden as best she can by wide straps on her sandals that wrap around her legs.
Brief History: Gida is the newest member of Terk’s staff at Clear Skies! as a co-bartender with Celia. Where Celia does not mind walking about amongst the patrons, Gida seems to do everything she can to remain behind the bar until the place is completely cleared out; reason unknown. All she has told Celia about her past is that where she last came from was very cold and dark. Any loud noises from a fight starting with a chair thrown down or even a glass being set down hard on the bar and Gida is reaching for the security blaster behind the counter. Celia finds her incredibly twitchy and anxious on occasion, but the Twi’lek seems very content to keep her secrets and past to herself.

Name: Savisht Ag’Tra
Race: Coynite
Distinguishing Characteristics: Male. Age UNKNOWN. Dark gold hair and demeanor of a Jaffa.
Brief History: A patron, though infrequent, of the Clear Skies!, Savisht is a freelance Mercenary with a reputation for doing whatever needs done as long as the price is right. Celia made his acquaintance not through his mercenary work, but through his nearly being on the receiving end of someone else’s “wet work”. One night about two years ago he was the last patron to leave the cantina. As Celia showed him out and was turning to go back inside, she saw a shadow almost emerge from a wall it seemed and prepare to strike Savisht while his back was turned. Not thinking of any consequences, she reached for her vibroblade within the folds her of clothes and attacked the shadow figure before they could strike. The battle was short, though it left Celia with a scar from a graze of a high powered blaster to her upper right arm. The attacker got away, though not without losing his left hand and part of the forearm. Savisht came away unscathed, the battle being over by the time he had turned around and come forward to engage. He claimed to not know who the attacker was, but if it were possible for him to scowl any deeper than the permanent scowl he kept on his face, this attacked did appear to trouble him deeply. For her assistance in what he claimed was saving his life, Savisht complimented her seeming warrior spirit (which she tries hard to keep hidden) and pledged should she ever need any assistance of any kind, he owed her a boon of her choosing. Until then, when he visiting the Cantina, he at least tips very well. Looking back, Celia remembers the shadow instantly changing targets as soon as she stepped quickly forward and seemed to take no interest in the Coynite once they laid eyes on her. If Savisht was their target, why did they not continue to try and complete their mission when their target was only twenty feet away? She’s certain that Savisht was the original target, but wonders what about her could have distracted the assassin from his prey? But then there was something strange about the way the shadow… “felt”… when she faced them in combat.

Name: Stormtroopers based on Ghorman in Illistara
Race: (UNKNOWN though assumed Human)
Distinguishing Characteristics: (WHITE ARMOR with military bearing)
Brief History: Soldiers who attacked the house of Senator Vibrion four years ago who might some day be looking to “finish the job”.
Char aware of Enemy?: YES

Name: Kell Douro
Race: Anzat
Distinguishing Characteristics: Gender UNKNOWN. Age UNKNOWN. Missing left hand and part of forearm OR might have been replaced with mechanical versions.
Brief History: Assassin that Celia foiled who had originally targeted her now acquaintance Savisht Ag’Tra outside the Clear Skies! tapcafe. In the battle, Celia had managed to hurt them by a lucky slice of her vibroblade to their left forearm, removing that part of the arm and the attached hand completely. The assassin fled and neither Savisht or Celia have seen him since.
Char aware of Enemy?: NO


New background info that just came out about Celia aka Katiana:

Celia Askara is really Katiana Vibrion.

At age 20 (present day) Katiana Vibrion is the youngest daughter of previous Senator Gebnerret Vibrion, representative of the planet Ghorman and Sern sector in the Imperial Senate. Four years ago Senator Vibrion was arrested and imprisoned on the planet Selnesh for suspected treason with his family and any close personnel having been killed by soldiers of the Galactic Empire as traitors. Any news that surfaced about the family and those that were in and around the house said they had been “relocated to Coruscant to be closer to the Senator where he decided to stay after retiring from his Senate position”. However, the youngest daughter managed to escape slaughter and survive. Knowing some day someone might let slip over one too many Reactor Core that not all the immediate family of the Senator were in fact killed, Katiana knew the only way to survive was to hide and hide well.

Currently Katiana maintains a 24/7 disguise as Celia Askara, a lowly bartender at “respectable” spacer tapcafe called Clear Skies!. Clear Skies! is located in Ghorman’s capital city, Illistara; Katiana made it a point to “hide in plain site”, though in reality could not afford transport further than her home city and especially not off of the planet entirely. The Imperial soldiers, ensuring their report was solid and without failure, reported that all of the Senators family had been “relocated” per the Empires instructions and made no mention of the daughter that got away. This, thankfully, was the only thing in Katiana’s favor.

In the chaos of the attack on her home in the middle of the night, she managed to grab only a few things on her way out through the secret passage in her father’s study: Some local currency not tied to any traceable format, her vibroblade (a gift from her father for her 16th birthday for her growing ever closer to mastering the weapon per the families Weapon Master, Jaspereth Reighnosh), and from the hidden compartment in her father’s desk, the only remaining House Vibrion signet ring.

Katiana’s escape was made possibly only through the assistance of Liam Tverns, a mixed race of human and “Epicanthix”:Epicanthix
and son of the head of the families security, Bastvison Tverns. Liam was a life long friend to Katiana, only being two years older than she, and having been raised practically in the same house with his father having watched over House Vibrion for a couple of generations like his father before him. Despite both wanting to stay and fight, the soldiers, some almost seeming to be as good as trained assassins, made it obvious that the fight would never be in their favor, though Katiana had overheard many of them mentioning her name distinctly and saying she must be kept alive for questioning. Taking the passage out and exiting through a tunnel ending nearly a half mile away into a heavy wood, the two made a run for it and ducking Imperial soldiers in Illistara, managed to make their way into the less than savory parts of town and hide out for awhile on a bit of money that Katiana had grabbed until they were able to get their alternate identities together and then find work and different lodgings.

Liam took on the name of Brinol Farstriker and the persona of a mercenary for hire, as he more than had the weapons and knowledge skills through training from his father to easily get by at this. Because of his racial heritage not passing as distinctly human, Liam had to work (and constantly has to work) at getting himself get a lot more scruffy than his previous “clean cut” appearance. Add a change of more mercenary type attire they managed to scrounge together with their combined money and with all that he was well on his way to hired jobs around the area starting, then later moving on to outside the area and even to other parts of the planet when the assignment called for it. He attempted to never stray too far from Illistara or Clear Skies! tapcafe, though, so as to always keep an a close eye on Katiana and attempt to continue to ensure her safety and security.

Katiana, in her effort to try and blend in as well, hurriedly went about taking on a new persona; Celia Askara. First was using a little more of the sparse (to her at least) funds she had made out with in their escape to change her appearance. At first one set of clothes, her originals destroyed as selling them might lead someone back to her. Then cutting her nearly knee length light brown hair to a shoulder length and dying it a very deep, dark red along with remembering to dye her eyebrows the same. Contacts to change her eye color from a nearly silvery light blue to a dark brown completed her transformation. Starting as a waitress at Clear Skies! when she had come begging for work, the owner, a man by the name of Terk Kurlow thankfully hired her. As she and Liam could not cohabitate together lest it draw attention, Katiana made an arrangement with Terk; pay enough her enough for food and necessities then allow her to use the Cantina as a roof over her head during the hours the Cantina was closed and she could also provide extra security.

Four years later, now the ripe young age of 20, Katiana has moved up in the world to co-bartender with a Twi’lek called Gida’tarkona and still works in disguise for Terk at Clear Skies! in Illistara. As bar tending still doesn’t pay well with the Cantina itself still being her residence so rent is automatically taken out of all pay, Katiana has picked up on skills not only from Badger, but others that she’s been around within the Cantina the last four years of the “less than savory” types. She uses these skills to Listen and gather information and has on occasion been paid for this ‘under the table’ service. Any extra money is always saved towards a ticket off of this planet and/or paying the right person when they come along for information leading to the status, and hopefully where about’s if he’s still alive, of her father to try and free him or die trying. She hopes that whatever information she knows about her father’s work in the Senate or information she doesn’t realize she knows from years of listening in on her father’s vid conversations and appoints from the secret passage connected to his Study, that this will be enough to save him and clear his name if she can manage to stay hidden and alive long enough. He may not have always agreed with the decisions of the Emporer or the sometimes “mesmerized” Senate, but he was no traitor. Right?

Previously no one but Liam knew her true identity.

Katiana Vibrion (alias: Celia Askara)

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