Import/Export Manager at the local starport in Illistara on Ghorman by day and an "Information Broker" every other breath


Race: Human
Age: Guessed around 35
Distinguishing Characteristics: About 5’ tall, bit greasy around the edges and speaks Galactic Basic Standard (among a few others) with a heavy accent, though the accent has yet to be placed and Badger refuses to give up the information no matter the price.


“Shady” isn’t a strong enough word to describe Badger’s tactics at conning, bribing and outright manipulating to get the information or goods he wants when he’s not playing the role of the upstanding member of society as an Import/Export Manager at the local starport. Badger taught Celia all she knows about the more “Streetwise” skills in life for surviving and maintaining a living when the Cantina money just isn’t enough; and it never is. Badger uses Celia to gather information during Clear Skies! open business hours and then proceeds to sell that information to the highest bidders; anonymously, of course. Celia and Badger met at the tapcafe while she was begging Terk for work and Badger saw an “opportunity”. He man not be the most upstanding man, but he does ensure his employees don’t go entirely hungry and that they stay as safe as he can make them, given they’re his source of copious amounts of information from the unwitting patrons.

NOTE: It is rumored that Badger owes a life debt to Chuska the Hutt that has yet to be claimed.


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