Star Wars: The Price Of Liberty


After an uneventful six day spice run to Sullust, Deak Windsailor, Keltak Brendalor, and Navod Andak jump back to Ghorman. While in hyperspace, Deak takes advantage of the Herglic tendency to gamble and played several hands of Sabaac, cleaning out Keltak and forcing him to issue an IOU on credits he will receive for the completion of this run.

Once back in system, sensors immediately pick up incoming craft. Two flights of TIE fighters were chasing a Starlight freighter on a direct collision course with the Coral Ishii. Deak sends the Ishii into dive and manages to just get out of the way as the TIE Fighters destroy the Starlight. The TIEs then make contact with Deak and tells him to dock with a custom’s frigate nearby.

Complying, Deak docks the with the custom’s frigate and is boarded by a Customs Agent and four Stormtroopers. Immediately Deak sense something off. Normally Customs uses their own troops. The fact that Stormtroopers were here meant that Custom’s was under some scrutiny.

Deak and the Custom’s Lieutenant speak briefly about the trip to Sullust and go over the shipping manifest, the Trawler’s permits and also examine Keltak’s speeder truck. When Acting Governor’s name is brought up, the Lieutenant then remembers the fact that the Governor had wanted to speak with Deak and his crew. The Lieutenant gives Deak orders to land at the Illistara Civilian Space Port.

Cut to the Govenor’s Palace

Landing at Civilian Space Port near the Government sector, Deak, Keltak, and Navod are met by a functionary who whisks them away to the Governor’s Office. Seeing that Keltak was of such large size, they take the service turbolift up and meet with Acting Governor Reginald Karde, who has a proposition for Deak.

A Gamorrean smuggler named Bog has been given free leave to land in the city and Karde will be buying a load of ryll spice off of him. For a healthy share of the profits, Karde would like Deak to store and then later to run the spice for him. Deak agrees, but because Keltak and Navod are in attendance as his “crew”, he must tell this information to Chuska.

Cut to Chuska the Magnificent’s Emporium. Deak, Navod and Keltak arrive to get paid for their spice run. Navod moves off to the side as he is a hired gun for Chuska. Deak and Keltak receive their payments. Also, because of Keltak’s financial situation, Chuska offers to consolidate his debts to other gambling houses under Chuska for a healthy percentage. Keltak reluctantly agrees.

Deak tells Chuska of Karde’s plan for the spice, since Chuska is a likely buyer. Chuska likes the fact that this acting Governor is interested in more illegal activities, since it means he is likely to be an inside man for the Desjiliac cartels own interests. He gives Deak leave to make the deal.

Cut to Clear Skies!

Brinol Farstriker and several cohorts meet in the Clear Skies! to find a starship captain for a meeting with their new employer, Ned Shagga. Celia is busy tending bar, but there aren’t many people in tavern at the time. She says that her employer Terk Kurlow has a friend named Deak Windsailor who is a fair hand with a ship. He could run the cargo. Celia is given a healthy tip to let them

Meeting between Brinol and Celia and Deak

Cut to Keltak’s shop

Fight between Keltak and son of slain Herglic

Cut to Govenor’s Palace

Karde signs death warrants, hears that Gamorrean is arriving early.

Cut to Clear Skies!

Meeting between Deak and Ned Shagga

Cut to Civilian Space Port

Cut to Clear Skies!

Brinol and Turk are arrested



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